2016 Rodeo Hero Julie Murdock


Julie was born in the Panama Canal Zone, while her father was serving in the U.S. Army. She will be 43 years old on May 9th.  Julie has two younger sisters, Jessica and Laura.  She also is an aunt to Faith, David, Rebecca, Mattia, and Matteo. Julie loves her family and looks forward to home visits and spending holidays with them.

When Julie was five years old, the family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. While living there, Julie was given the opportunity to ride in the "Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo".  She has also ridden in a rodeo in Wyoming.  Julie has always loved animals of all kinds, but especially horses, dogs and cats.

Julie loves to travel; car, plane, train, or cruise ship.  She loves to go, go, go!  Julie loves going to Six Flags and the faster the ride, the more exciting for her.  Julie loves life, shopping, meeting new friends, and eating cheese enchiladas.  She loves her home and friends at the Lufkin State Supported Living Center.  Julie also loves Jesus and attending church.

Julie is energetic, fun and talkative.  She is very kind and thoughtful of others.  She's always happy to help a friend in need.  Julie has taught her family what is really important in life and shown them that it is the little things that a person does that count.  Julie's sister, Jessica says, "Julie is the best sister anyone could ever have".  She is very excited to represent the Lufkin State Supported Living Center as the 2016 Rodeo Hero!