Rodeo Hero 2018

Earnest Watson

Earnest Watson was born in Nacogdoches County on September 16, 1966 and moved to the Lufkin State Supported Living Center at seventeen years of age.  Earnest is very kind and caring and seems to have the most joy when spending time with friends.  In fact, he has a “Special Friend” volunteer, Dan Maxwell who retired from the facility several years ago.  Dan comments that he was ready to retire from working every day but he just could not imagine retiring his friendship with Earnest.  Dan eventually left the area and moved to Austin, Texas to be an active grandpa but monthly he drives to East Texas for a visit with Earnest.  They enjoy eating out, shopping and visiting local museums and other area attractions.

2018 Rodeo Hero Picture

Earnest has a very special lady friend (or two) and he gets great pleasure in visiting with them on a regular basis.  He really enjoys pampering them often with cards and small gifts.  In fact, Earnest is that kind of a friend to almost everyone he meets.  Some hobbies include taking walks outside, watching cars and waving at people coming and going.  He enjoys old time country music, drawing pictures and art projects.  He enjoys good comedy and is always ready for fishing at the facility’s Woodland Retreat.   Earnest Watson loves going to the rodeo each and every year and is proud to represent the facility as the 2018 Rodeo Hero!