Rodeo Hero 2023

LaQuestin Dotson is described by others as humble, respectful, kindhearted, and a good friend to residents and staff.  He loves his family and talks about them a lot.  He is quick to smile and spread joy to others. 

LaQuestin graduated from Central ISD in 2022 and says he enjoys working at his job at The Hubcap Store in Lufkin.  He also enjoys working at the Lufkin Living Center garden harvesting the vegetables and hopes that one day he can work at a grocery store and gather up the buggies. 

When not working you may find LaQuestin playing video games, basketball, riding bikes or fishing at the Woodland Retreat.  Recently he participated in the Statewide Music Festival where he and his friends won several awards. 

LaQuestin is very responsible and enjoys setting and achieving goals.  He is working with his team and has a goal to be placed in a community group home.  He is ready to become more independent as a young adult and hopes to find a placement closer to his family. 

LaQuestin is a mature young adult who is well rounded and able to enjoy life and others.  He loves meeting people, new challenges and is excited to represent the Angelina Benefit Rodeo as the 2023 Rodeo Hero.